Photo © Jan Kopetzky

Who we are

magma architecture is a multidisciplinary architecture and design practice centered around its two founders: Prof. Martin Ostermann, who is an architect and designer, and Lena Kleinheinz, who was educated as a sculptor and architectural historian. As a team we seek to be part of a new paradigm within architecture – one that is expressionistic, rooted in non-linear form making, facilitated by new materiality and sustainable cutting edge technologies. At the core of our projects is a playful and meticulous exploration of space. This results in visionary buildings and breathtaking interiors creating a long lasting impression on their future users. Our clients are people who are looking for something radically different, something that gives them a unique identity.

All our past projects have received international architecture awards from highly acclaimed institutions such as the Royal Institute of British Architects; the American Institute of Architects UK; the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies; and the Westminster Society. Our projects have been nominated for the prestigious European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. They have attracted worldwide media coverage, starting with our first 150-square-metre installation in 2007 for an art museum in Berlin and culminating in our Olympic and Paralympic Shooting Arenas for the London 2012 Olympic Games. What all our projects share is our virtuous and unique concept of space.


Aline Dubach, Armin Fuchs, Anke Noske, Anna Pilarska, Ben Reynolds, Bea Avgustin, Carlos Lara, Christian Dubrau, Constantinos Kyprianou, Cordula Vielhauer, Danica Pavlovic, Diana Drogan, Dominik Jörg, Duncan Marsden,
Eva Hrubanova, Eva Kus, Felix Döring, Francisco Rosé Diaz, Geri Stavreva, Georgi Kazlachev, Hendrik Bohle, Henrik Ulsfort, Ivana Gojkovicz, Jeroen de Graaf, Konrad Zaremba, Ksenia Kagner, Manuel Welsky, Marek Hinke, Martin Pless, Mateusz Zwierzycki, Michael Nugent, Mikolaj Szibisz, Nicole Schulz, Niko Mahler, Pablo Carballal, Pauline Fer, Philipp Mecke, Piotr Fabirkiewicz, Ross Anderson, Rui Alves, Tomo Ogata, Sahra El-Defrawy, Sebastian Lippok, Sonia Guil, Stephane Canuccini, So-Yeong Park, Sui Noh, Susanne Welcker, Thi Pham, Veljko Markovic, Wolfram Sinapius, Yohko Mizushima, Zubin Daboo.