Tuned City


Interactive Installation

Berlin 2008

magma architecture was invited to join the Tuned City Sound Art Festival in Berlin. Acoustics in architecture is a long lasting history of strategies to suppress anything audible. magma architecture investigates how to integrate sounds in a positive, active and interactive way into the architectural design process and the experience of space. The goal is to allow acoustic and sound impulses into spaces of everyday life. The spatial installation "86 - 172 - 343" is a 1:1 model of a chamber to create an artificial echo coupled with a fictitious mountain landscape.

It invites visitors of the exhibition to clap, shout or even yodel. The sound is directed through ducts of different lengths spiralling through the space and back to the ear of the visitor. The effect of the different lenghts is a delay of 1/4 second between each sound and a decrease in pitch as in an echo.