Mobile Event Location

Berlin 2005

The SummerBar is a 1.000 sqm multi purpose event hall. Visible froa distance the characteristic shape of the interior fabric cloud shines through the semitransparent outer skin of the SummerBar. Like a gleaming haze it produces shadows in the interior of the space. At the transversal sides of the building the cloud turns outside marking the entrance of the building. The SummerBar is accessed via a staircase and bridge leading through the center of the cloud. Running lights and colours surround the visitor on the bridge. Stepping through a perforation in the cloud the visitor views the entire landscape of the bar from above. The entire surface of the Cloud is a projection screen for images, colours and films. Different protuberances accentuate the central dance floor, the lounges and the bar. It is the icon of the SummerBar and key to creating different atmospheres and choreographies for the varying events.