Lehua Resort

Xian, China



Resort Hotel and Office Quarter

The urban design of the Hotel and Office Quarter provides a unique visitor experience next to the Chariots Theme Park. It consists of a 3-star family hotel, a 4-star hot spring hotel, a 5-star high rise hotel and an office tower. A linear 1-2 storey commercial base forms the perimeter of the urban quarter. The base height forms a continuation of the double storey shopping, restaurant and café area of the surrounding commercial areas. This provides an urban streetscape surrounding the urban quarter. On the interior of the quarter is a green garden with pedestrian paths, play / sport areas and cycle lanes: a fantastic green background setting for views from the perimeter hotels and office. Towards the Entry Plaza in front of the Theme Park is a roofed over entrance to the green garden. Other entrances are in continuation of the Themed Commercial Street at the East border and next to the Hot Spring Hotel at the Western border.