Funkhaus Berlin



Berlin since 2005

The aim of developing the Funkhaus Berlin into a Centre for Media, Culture and Entertainment is to link the past and present with a sustainable future. Within this concept, the buildings will be preserved in accordance with their listed status and new building will be errected. The existing utilisation by the media industry and other businesses will be continued and broadened by means of a multiplicity of cultural and recreational offerings. The basic concept is the idea of a site which is selfcontained and as lively as a small city, being used along the lines of the former GDR Funkhaus. This concept is to be retained, consolidated and upgraded. Through an overlapping of day and night use, such as specialised commercial outlets, offices, restaurants, concerts, plays and entertainment, bars and apartment lofts, the site should be busy around the clock. A wide variety of usable areas is to be created through a phased and sensitive implementation of the concept.