Dubai Museum Extension


Building and Exhibition Design

Dubai 2008

The Dubai Museum informs about the cultural history of the Arab Emirate Dubai. The task for the design was to develop proposals for an extension building for the museum and a multimedia interactive exhibition. The existing museum is located in a traditional mud brick building with additional underground exhibition spaces. The client wished for an extension that clearly differentiates itself from the existing building. At the same time the building should relate to the Emirate of Dubai. The design proposal is based on the idea of a reversed sand dune landscape flowing round the existing building. It forms a background and frame for the historic fortress and sets a visible sign in the urban fabric of the city of Dubai. The exhibition is divided into five thematic areas connected by the "hub", an interactive media installation conveying the buzzing and versatile contemporary city of Dubai. From the hub visitors are guided to the areas nature, time, ecology, speed and people. Every one of these areas is staged in individually designed spaces.