Warrior Square Café


Urban Revitalization

Southend-On-Sea (UK) 2011

With its hydraulically moving outer skin the Pavilion is the visible sign of the revitalizing of the Warrior Square Gardens in Southend on Sea, GB. The pavilion is the link between the bustling high street and the inner city park. Used as a café and kiosk it opens to the park and adjacent terrace. A second skin made of anodized aluminum stretch metal opens hydraulically and thereby makes the kiosk an attraction. With its angled shapes it resembles the surrounding Victorian houses. Together with the Square they form a listed area. The second skin covers the modern café building and mediates between the historical environment and the new urbanity. Opened the skin is a sun shade, at night it can be used as projection screen. Closed it protects the café building and constitutes a lit element in the park.