Sharjah Expo Extension


Temporary Expo Extension

Sharjah 2012

The Sharjah Expo is the home of the annual Sharjah International Book Fair. The fair has been growing continuously since it was opened for the first time by the Department for Culture & Information in 1982. The need for more space has led to plans to extend the fair. During the design and construction of the permanent venue a temporary venue is planned to cater for the growing need for space. The two temporary buildings will be fully demountable and mobile. It is planned to set them up in the vicinity of the Al Qasba in Sharjah after they have fulfilled their function at the Sharjah Expo.
The modular structure of the buildings is sandwiched between two recyclable membrane skins that provide optimal air conditioning of the interior. The outer skin acts as a sun shading layer that protects the inner skin from direct sunlight thus reducing the radiant heat on the interior. An inflatable ceiling prevents condensation of the cooled interior.