Harstad City Center


Urban Planning Scheme

Harstad, Norway 2011

Harstad is a town 250 km North of the Polar Circle. Harstad has a general political aim to strengthen and improve the centre as the town’s most important meeting place. magma architecture‘s urban design was awarded a shared 1st/2nd prize and will be developed further for parts of the city. The main goal of our design proposal for the Harstad city centre is to reconnect the city and the sea. The key to strengthen the city centre as the towns‘ most important meeting place is the regeneration of the shoreline. The urban fabric will be reactivated by increasing the usability of the shoreline for citizens and tourists. We propose five different areas of the shore on a chain linked by a continuous shoreline boulevard. These areas are directly connected to the hinterland and will increase the attraction of the different parts of the city centre. Each part will have an individual character, which can be developed over time.